About MakerSandbot

MakerSandbot is a smart choice for servers that teach coding, making, building, and more! With it's wide range of commands, we try to include all of them with the Adafruit, Thingiverse, CodeDB, and Google features, plus more! If you want a helpful bot for your server, Join In Now!

Main Features

  • Code Database

    CodeDB is a One-Of-a-Kind code feature! You can upload custom-code with a cool name to the databse, and it will be added to the list of codes. This means that it will be up until we do a code recurculation, when we take down your code so we have space for new code!

  • Guide Searcher

    Search latest guides, get products, get best guides at random, search products, and more! All in your discord!

  • Fast Ping

    MakerSandbot is hosted on one of the fastest of the fastest servers, and has a 24/7 uptime, accept for small fixes or bugs. No need to wait for a responce or find the bot down when you need it.


Here is some data on storage, servers, sources, and more.

  • Upvotes
  • Servers
  • 24/7 Uptime
  • 15+ Commands
  • 50ms Ping

MakerSandbot is Open Source!


Here is a command list:

Command Info Usage
learn Adafruit Learning System ms!learn <random/search> (search)
product Adafruit Store ms!product <id/search> (id number/search)
3D Thingiverse ms!3D <search/id/user> (search/thing id/username)
code Code Database: Run ms!code for more info ms!code
google Get google search results (In beta) ms!google (search)
shorten Bit.ly URL shortener ms!shorten (Full https:// URL)
opensource MakerSandbot github page! ms!opensource
ping Ping the bot ms!ping
suggest Link to our trello board ms!suggest
invite Get the bot invite ms!invite
server Invite to the MakerSandbox server ms!server
info Get info on the bot! ms!info
profile Get a user profile with coins, badges, and other info. ms!profile (userID or User Mention)